Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Real Gig

Well, they always say do what you love ... I love to write. Taking photos is nice, too, but even when I am being visual I have some sort of narrative.

So anyway, one day a comment shows up on my blog to get in touch with an editor and I do and she really likes how I write and could I please take on this assignment, even though it had a very quick turnaround time. I could and I did and now I am nervously awaiting feedback from a real magazine editor. When I can provide more details I will, but I am just so jazzed.

I've been keeping the writing chops busy with my food blog, some of the Well Fed sites and some "volunteer" food writing for my congregational newsletter. It's hard to make time with my day job and family to really do freelance writing so I am so grateful for my lucky break.

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