Friday, April 11, 2008

What now?

After the heady experience of the Olive article and the Business of Food publication, I feel empty because the "pipeline" is empty. I miss having something on the horizon. In many ways both of these opportunities fell into my lap, now I need to build on them.

I have some ideas based on my trip to China, maybe I can work up some proposals and find time to follow up and through. (You can read more about my trip to China at Blog Appetit.)

I do want to go ahead with larger projects, too. But, sigh, time only seems to get away from me. I know I need to be more discplined.

I am writing a monthly food column for my congregation. You can read the latest month at the synagogue's website.

I am still writing (a little more sporadically than before) for Well Fed.

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Adam James Nall said...

Very nice to know you are doing well on the writing front. I started blogging for similar reasons. Though a 'food writer', my work is not exactly 'about' food (if interested).

All the best,